Arzanà Navi stands for constant research into innovative methods for building big yachts, a modus operandi that has revolutionised the traditional idea of sailing. Merging a refined artistic soul with a meticulous business vision in powerful synergy, we design and build boats that are a fusion of contemporary design, all possible comforts, high performance and technological excellence. Each project is exclusive and studied with the elegant lines of that Italian style so famous worldwide. We strive to achiee three fundamental values:

Transparency, intended as an opening of our production processes to direct dialogue with clients, suppliers and the market, developing innovative solutions that respect the environment;

Order, as a necessary condition for a well-structured building method, where every detail is part of a technologically excellent project that aims to forge true masterpieces of the sea;

Elegance as an official company attitude, based on deep respect for materials, shapes and proportions: a distinguishing feature inherited from Venice and its relationship with art and the sea.